October  10 - 15     Global Biosummit "Global Community Bio Fellows" 
                                   Location: MIT Media Lab. Boston, Massachussetts

August 16              Book launch: "La palabra provocada" poetry anthology
                                 Organizer: Iberoamerican Cultural Institute
                                 Location: Manuel Amador Art Gallery. University of Panama

August 15               Ars Amandi International Poetry Festival 
                                  EP Launch  "Poesía Sonora"  by Mar Alzamora
                                  Guest artists: Aniel Mejia and Sascha Ram
                                  Location: Lagunilla Room. International Book Fair of PTY

August (TBD)       Digital Naturalism Conference
                                  Node Leader and soundwalk facilitator
                                  Location: Gamboa, Panama

July 20                    Soundwalk "Listening with history" 
                                 World Listening Day              
                                 Mar Alzamora (sound) and Adriana Pérez (archeology)
                                 Location:  Panama Viejo Archeologucal Site. Panama City

May 13 - 24            Voice acting workshop
                                Mentor: Wolfgang Galindo (Talento Intl Colombia)
                                Location: Rock and Folk. Panama City

April 5 -6               "Metodo: Del dicho al hecho" for professional artists
                                 Selected artist
                                 Organizer: Museum of Contemporary Arts. Panama City

February 3 - 9      NASA Education Program 
                                 Location: Kennedy Space Center. Orlando, Florida


December              21 days of gratitude (instagram project)

October 26 - 28    Global Community Biosummit
                                 Conference on Sci and bio art
                                 Location: MIT Media Lab. Boston, Massachussetts

September 17-28  Voice over and dubbing workshop
                                 Facilitator: Wolfgang Galindo (Talento Intl Colombia)
                                 Location: Rock and Folk. Panama City

August 14 - 19       Book presenter "Mañana será otro día" by Corina Rueda
                                 Location: International Book Fair. Panama City

August 12            Conference: Cultural administration for artists
                                Organizer: International Clarinet Exhibition of Panama
                                Location: Fine Arts School, University of Panama

Julio 18                  Soundwalk  "Listening with the future"
                                World Listening Day
                                 Location: Panama City

June 10 - July 1     "Guitarra Muda" Artistic Residency - Programa Ibermusica
                                  Composer: Pablo Chin / Ensemble: Paisaxe 
                                  Location: Casa del Soldado. Spaniard Cultural Center

May 15 - 18              Trama Cultural Industries
                                  Conference: Music preservation through films (AcampaDOC)
                                  Conference: Sounding Expansion (with Casa del Soldado)
                                  Location: City of Knowledge

April 20                 Gonzalo Brenes Night with paisaxe ensemble
                                 Penonome en abril poetry festival
                                 Location: Cocle, Panama

April 13                 (Re) encounters - Telematic performance with ana araujo
                                 Inverse Performance Art Festival
                                 Location: Arkansa, USA

march 20              Nominated for the Women of Achievement in culture and arts
                                Ombudsman’s Office
                                Location: Panama City

March 1 - 8          Enclave Poetry festival - Ibermusica Program
                               Deep Listening® Workshop / Conferences / Performance
                               Location: Mexico City and Colima

February 22       Performance: Post rock with the band Amelia y la lluvia
                               Location: Museum of Contemporary Arts. Panama City

January 18         Poetry reading - El Duende Gramatico Editorial
                              Location: Panama Viejo Bookstore

january 15-19   Guest Ensamble: Paisaxe - Classical Education Program
                             Panama Jazz festival
                             Location: City of Knowledge