Mar Alzamora


[ Multidisciplinary artist: doublebassist | poet | audiovisual director | clinician ]
Co-founder, doublebassist and director of the chamber ensemble PAISAXE; she is doublebassist for the post-rock band AMELIA. Her performance leans towards contemporary music techniques, free improvisation and music technology. She has premiered several new compositions solo or with her ensemble, including Mexican composer Mario Lavista's "Dusk" during the 2013 MusicArte Festival. She seeks interdisciplinary collaboration with clowns, visual arts and writers. In 2013, her award-winning poetry book, The Day that had no night was published. Her work has been selected for several anthologies and magazines worldwide. She is a Zora Neale Hurston scholarship recipient for the 2015 Summer Writing Program at the Jack Kerouac Disembodied Poetics School in Naropa. Funding member of ISKRA: experimental poetry nights. AcampaDOC International Documentary Film Festival and Residency´s scholarship recipient with her documentary project “Sounding Cartography” about the relationship between sound and memory. Her award-winner documentary film “On the hands of time” was selected for Icaro International Film Festival. Currently, she is developing an audiovisual poetry project and also serves as advisor for several cultural institutions. She holds an undergraduate degree of arts in music performance from Arizona State University and a master's degree in Sociocultural Animation from the International Sociocultural Animation Network.


Art recreates time, triggering strong memories. Through it, we can claim our cities and define ourselves. Therefore, it is a must to start remapping our memory. Art is a rabbit hole: endless roads of perception and communication. Artists should aim for transforming the world by creating bridges for an honest cultural dialogue. Art is the deepest political and rebellious act.