What will happen to the rhythm of La Villa de los Santos after its bell-ringer is gone?

Director  and researcher: Mar Alzamora-Rivera

Editor: Martin Contreras

Melancoud Bang Bang

Director: Mar Alzamora-Rivera

Filmography: German Trujillo

Sound: The A Team

Actors: Edwin Torrez, Libertad Rodríguez, Hoel Jimenez and Ana Araujo

Archive: Duiren Lopez

En Manos del Tiempo

Culinary heritage is being lost from one generation to the next. Estela narrates her experience with her grandson.

Directors: Andrea Luna, Mar Alzamora-Rivera and Victor Pereira

Editor: Martin Contreras

Mr. Creepy

A family meets with a snuff filmmaker.

Director and writer: Arturo J. García
Producer: Mar Alzamora
Filmography:Duiren Wagua
Editors:Manuel Campos / Arturo J. García
Sound design: Por Markos Monzon

Actors: Natalia Beluche, Edwin Torrez and David Dunn