Following Allen Ginsberg´s steps

Passion always leads the way. Last year, I reconnected with the Beat Generation, but this time I felt closer to Allen Ginsberg. I became obssesed with his life ang legacy; that is how I found out about the Jack Kerouac School Summer Writing Program.



As soon as I knew that program existed, I applied for the Zora Neale Hurston Award, which is offered for students who identify with, or who have experience working with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. On May, it was confirmed that I was selected. I was going to spend two weeks at Naropa collaborating with the rebeliousLydia Lunch and the poetic musician Steven Taylor. Such a treat!


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 Steven Taylor´s workshop (pictures by: Ambrose Bye)


Lydia Lunch and Anne Waldman´s workshops pictures


The topic this year was "The Braided River: Activist Rhizome" and that included Dharma Art, Songworks, Light Art, Poetry as Action, Social Poetics, and more. Who could still think that poetry is only about broken hearts and love? Meeting with Mark Nowak inspired me to retake a poety project for female inmates.

Being in Naropa gave me time to think, to stop for a moment and reconsider many ideas. It help me to set new priorities; it reminded me to be not only patient, but also resilient.Just as Ginsberg´s vibration.


DSC 1663

                                                                                                                       Picture by: Margaret Bryant


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